FaQs. General Information

I am giving my wife a new car, do you offer bows large enough for that?

Yes, we offer a variety of colors and sizes that will look great on her new car.  See our  shop for a variety of car bows.

How do I handle the bow?

Be careful NOT to smash the bow or loops at all. Carefully remove bow by untwisting the black twist ties attaching the bow to the box. Then, carefully, remove bow from box. Remove covering on the suction cup and place on desired object. Re-fluff as desired.

How long until I can expect to receive my bows after I order them?

2-5 business days. Larger orders may take additional time.

What types of items can the bow go on?

Our bows are designed to lay flat or at a slight horizontal angle (Ie: coffee table, car windshield, top of a washer and dryer) They are in NO way designed to hang vertically (ie: on a window, wall, or refrigerator). The weight of the bow must be supported by its surface or it will not hold and may fall forward, not achieving the desired look.

Can I re-use the bows for more occasions?

Our large (30 inch) bows are designed for a specific event or occasion and usually have a short-term life span. Our large bows are not designed to be re-used year after year, although some may actually last that long.