How to shop for a car bow
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How To Shop for a Holiday Car Bow

In order to shop for a holiday bow/the perfect holiday bow that meets your needs, first you must consider a few things: First, how much you are wanting to spend? Second, what item or product is the bow going on? Third, how will it attach? Lastly, is the size of bow proportionate to the item it is going on?

Is your budget under $25? Smaller gifts most likely require a smaller bow and can easily be attached via tape or adhesive that they usually come with. Medium bows are very similar and can attach via adhesive or sometimes a wire or suction cup and can be purchased at Michaels, Walmart, Etsy and other stores. The small bows can sometimes average $5-$9 per bow, while medium-sized bows may run approximately $15-$25.

Larger more elaborate gifts would look best with a larger, more luxurious bow (usually around 28-32 inches.) If you have a budget of $50 or less, you have many more options for holiday bows-more designs, colors and choices at your fingertips. One of our favorite places to shop for a holiday bow is They have a huge assortments of holiday bows, as well as bows for any occasion, and nearly all of them are under $50 (before shipping). You can pick and order easily from their website from velvets, to holiday prints, to sheers. You are sure to find what you need at They also will consider custom requests if you are looking for a special type, size or color of bow that is not already listed in their available products under ‘shop’.

Affordable Handmade Large Car Bows

For budgets over $50-$650, you can look online for custom large bows. Beware there is usually a lengthy ordering time and a hefty price tag with some of the really, really large bows, but if money isn’t an option, go for it! For most of us, however, we can justify spending around $44-$60 dollars for a really good, luxurious, large bow for our perfect gift, not $650.

Next, you want to consider how the bow will attach to the item you are wanting it on. For example, most of the larger holiday bows that go on cars either attach with a magnet on the hood or a suction cup on the windshield. If you are wanting to have the bow go on a large piece of furniture, say a washer and dryer, a dining room table, or a dresser, you need to look at how the bow will attach to your gift for easy placing.

Another important factor to consider, that most people would never think of, is will the bow go vertically or horizontally (lying flat) on the item you wish to put it on? This actually matters a lot because some bows are not designed for vertical use.

Let’s take a vertical product example such as a television or a glass window: a suction cup attachment should work just fine. If it is a smaller or medium-sized bow, it should hang just beautifully. However, if the bow is a large or an extra-large size, it may not be designed to hang directly vertical-it may or may not support its own weight hanging vertically. If it has larger loops, they could fall or ‘flop’ forward, not achieving your desired look. For a small or medium-sized bow, this would probably not make much of a difference, but with a large or extra-large bow, this could make the difference between beautiful and a disaster!

Mounting A Large Car Bow

On flat surfaces, or ‘horizontal’ objects such as a dining room table, coffee table, washer and dryer, dresser etc., the bow would be laying on a flat surface, and would easily be supported. This would allow the holiday bow to have its desired shape, fullness in the loops, and be adequately support without worrying about it hanging or possibly flopping forward.

Here’s a few fun items that are unique to consider how a bow would be placed on them: motorcycles, ATVs, 4-wheelers a headboard. Would the right bow stick on with tape, or possibly be attached with a zip tie or wire? Would a suction cup or magnet work best? Would the bow sit on the seat or handlebars? If so, how would it stay on there? Am I ordering the appropriate size of bow-will it look proportionate to the size of item it’s going on?

If you choose a small or medium-sized bow, you would most likely be fine to stick on the seat or a smaller ATV and kids dirt bike with the adhesive tape it comes with, but you may need to look at a large or extra-large size bow for a Roadster Harley Davidson, Sidekick or General for example and ask for the bow to be shipped with either a magnet, suction cup or zip tie. Depending upon the company you order it from, you could possibly get it for free or for a minimal charge, if you just ask for it in the comments section of their website “please include a zip tie with this bow order.” At they will include an extra suction cup, zip tie, or removable wire for free with any order.

Lastly making sure you have the right sized bow for the right gift or item, is important for that awesome ‘first impression!’ A large or extra-large bow most likely has streamers that adds to its overall look, length and overall size. How are the streams going to hang or look on the car, motorcycle or piece of furniture it’s going on? Do I need to request a zip tie, suction cup, or removable wire in order for it to stay in place?

The above factors mentioned, may seem a bit tedious, but take it from someone who has made/decorated and tied bows for over a decade, and worked with someone who has done if for 3 decades, it can make all the difference in the world for the perfect look with your perfectly-selected holiday bow for your perfect gift.

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