Our employees
Kaylynn Ennis - The Bow Ladies Founder

Kaylynn Ennis

CEO, co-founder
Kaylynn was born and raised in the wonderful state of Utah. It was important to her to work at home, while raising her 4 children. She has always loved decorating and creating masterpeices with her hands. She became known as ‘The Bow Lady’ and her handmade bows became her passion. Kaylynn began her business by decorating a few local car dealerships. Currently, she has expanded her clientele to several states, including Alaska, serving hundreds of customers. Kaylynn’s wonderful and caring customer service has kept her personally in touch with many of her long-term clients. She feels it both a blessing and opportunity to share her products with others. She now offers many styles and colors of bows to choose from for holidays and any special occasion. Kaylynn enjoys spending time in nature and playing with her grandchildren.
Kristy Ennis-Alexander The Bow Ladies

Kristy Ennis-Alexander

Director of Sales & Marketing
Kristy is ‘The Bow Lady’s’ oldest and only daughter. She is married, has 3 children and learned how to tie bows from her mother over 10 years ago. While growing up, she assisted Kaylynn in decorating for her Salt Lake and Las Vegas clients. She quickly learned the ropes of customer service, sales, and how to make bows look just perfect. She has resided in both Alaska and Utah over the last 14 years, and maintains a consistent clientele throughout Alaska. Kristy was always an Honor student, and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a focus in Law. Although Kristy has spent most of her life in sales, she has spent the last several years specializing in television, radio and digital marketing. Kristy’s overall objective is to grow national and regional sales, expand The Bow Ladies online presence, as well as handle the webiste, marketing and social media. Kristy enjoys water sports, weight lifting, the beach and making memories with her family.